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Kilometro Rosso: the innovation ecosystem where great ideas become business.
Kilometro Rosso is among the major innovation districts in Europe.
Kilometro Rosso is where Business and Research meet: located in the heart of Lombardy Region, it brings together companies, universities and research centers, in order to foster innovation processes in the manufacturing industry.
Sharing to innovate and compete in the World.
Kilometro Rosso works with an open mindset, following the Open Innovation paradigm: developing synergies between different skills allows to accelerate development and introduce innovative solutions on the market.
Synergies between companies and institutions, on a national and international level.
Connections among science, industry, technologies and innovation.
Contamination of heterogeneous players.
Be the place where ideas and skills become business.
To promote the growth of a district of knowledge, innovation and cutting-edge technologies by feeding an ecosystem of innovative companies, scientific institutions and labs. To pursue its mission, Kilometro Rosso provides services in several fields, both directly and through its community of Resident Partners. Discover all Services

Kilometro Rosso in numbers

60 hosted companies
28 laboratories
23 R&D projects already financed
1.700 staff and researchers
2.000 scientific papers published
105 mln € of fundings for R&D projects
120 events per year
18 conference rooms and training classrooms
58 patents filed in 2018
10.000 visitors to events per year
960 seating capacity
400.000 sqm
70.000 delegates, entrepreneurs and guests from all over the World
450.000 entrances per year
1.300 parking lots
350 visits by institutional and industrial delegates
100 mln vehicles on the highway “Autostrada A4” per year
384 kWp of photovoltaics installed

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