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A path full of important results, and this is just the beginning.
  1. The project for Kilometro Rosso Science Park was born.

  2. Brembo’s new headquarters and first unit of the Research Centre.

  3. Kilometro Rosso joins networks APSTI and IASP.

  4. Brembo’s new R&D Centre.

  5. Inauguration of “Centro delle Professioni” and “Centro delle Innovazioni” including the University of Bergamo’s laboratories.

  6. New headquarters of the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research.

  7. Opening of Gruppo Italcementi’s Innovation Centre.

  8. Confindustria Bergamo officialises its new headquarters.

  9. Opening of China-Italy Technology Transfer Centre.

  10. Completion of “Pixel”, the new 8,000 m2-surface building designed to host companies, offices, labs and smart office solutions.

  11. Academy@Kilometro Rosso to develop specialized job profiles.

    Digital Innovation Hub of Bergamo in collaboration with Confindustria.

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