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Additive Italia

Additive Italia is a company specialized in simulation driven engineering and generative design focused on Additive Manufacturing for metals.
With an avant-garde idea of ​​engineering and proficient embracing of the latest technology, we help the industry to develop a new approach that anticipates and plans the future.
A complete suite of advanced software empowered by cloud computing and 3D printing systems made for prototyping and production of metal elements enable optimization, efficiency, high performance and customization.

A new vision of industry, manufacturing as you have never imagined it

Add-it wants to foster the next industrial revolution mixing advanced computing and engineering with the newest generation of industrial 3D printing technology dedicated to metals.
With Add-it, additive manufacturing not only becomes accessible to the manufacturing industry, but makes it a key element of industrial development by exploiting the disruptive effect on traditional manufacturing processes constraints and the achievement of competitiveness goals such as
• reduction of time to market
• reduction of production cycles
• streamlining of the manufacturing process
• production flexibility to the single item
• raw materials efficiency
• wider range of available materials
• elimination of waste and scrap
• lower energy consumption
but above all, granting creativity space to design and engineering competence which is the noblest and most precious aspect of manufacturing means opening up new possibilities to increase product value and profitability.
At the heart of the project is the merging of simulation driven engineering with generative design technologies. Thanks to a suite of advanced software Add-it is able to develop more effective and coherent technical solutions aimed to production of lighter and more performing parts, focused on their functions and bypassing techniques and materials limits in traditional manufacturing also for medium and large volumes.
Our innovative additive manufacturing technology exceeds cost and productivity limits of the well known laser-based additive technologies, Add-it aims to reduce processing times and production costs of individual parts by optimizing the entire process for additive manufacturing on an industrial scale.

Specialistic consulting

Thanks to its technological partnerships Add-it offers a complete range of consulting competences for analysis, development, prototyping and industrialization of metal components.
Through an ecosystem of digital technologies and high-level engineering skills, Add-it brings to fruition the benefits of simulated driven engineering and “democratize” the Additive Manufacturing revolution in the industrial production scenario.
The shape of the object becomes the result of complex optimizations based on geometric and functional constraints identified in the design phase and simulating the interaction of the various physical parameters (mechanical, fluid dynamic, electromagnetic etc.).

Research, development, training

Add-it is a hub for present and future engineering competence in AM, a place for knowledge fostering, sharing and dissemination, a think-tank attracting the most lively and flexible minds in the AM engineering and open to anyone interested in the new challenges coming from the evolution of metal manufacturing and its most advanced applications.
Thanks to the solid co-operation with many university engineering departments Add-it is where knowledge coming from research and frontier experimentation, science, applied research, technology and manufacturing industry is constantly cultivated and made available to each contributor.
By choice Add-it wants to be an environment in which experience and science contamination increases the skills through training and consultancy in support of technicians, production companies and innovators.
Add-it wants to become an active protagonist of the industry 4.0 implementation combining the study of materials and application techniques to the development of new IT tools.
Training of human resources and embracing a new production philosophy will enable to seize all the opportunities of the technological frontier and make them usable and functional to industrial needs.

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