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Bergamo 2.035

The “REAL Cities | Bergamo 2.035” research and teaching initiative is a multi-tier, multi-year academic collaboration between the University of Bergamo (UNIBG) and the Graduate School of Design (GSD) at Harvard University, with the support of Fondazione Pesenti. The initiative employs a design-led approach with a close contribution from social sciences to understand and assess how new technologies and digital augmentation affect different aspects of the city ‒ the infrastructure, the operations and the people ‒ and make it smarter. The research assumes that the inner intelligence of a city starts from its community and its built environment, and technology, tools and digital infrastructures augment what the specific community has to offer. Putting the human being at the center and forefront, researchers at GSD and UNIBG investigate how new technologies can emphasize the qualities of the city in order to enhance the relationship between the individual and the urban environment, eventually creating enhanced experiences for citizens within their everyday life.

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