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Clevergy supports Yousave in real-time remote management of production plants and consumption needs.

It offers a wide range of monitoring and remote management services, based on consumption systemic metering, inputs processing and the carrying out of a series of comands elaborated through specific algorithms in order to achieve energy savings.

Clevergy builds and manages HW/SW and telecomunications infrastructures needed to allow bidirectional communications between plants and Innowatio’s headquarter with the aim of analysing data in order to address energy efficiency actions.

Clevergy has a very flexible approach: it can assist customers with the aim of optimizing existing monitoring systems (BMS), alternatively it can supply a complete turnkey solution integrating hardware and software. Clevergy can address its services to different end uses: from public lighting to photovoltaic plants, from cogeneration to heating system and loads management. Moreover, Clevergy’s architecture allows Yousave to build algorithms and models which are critical factors to develop successful valued added services for clients.

Clevergy’s key success factor compared to competitors’ is offering demand-response solutions, that is the possibility for clients to modify their energy consumption according to energy prices and to contingent problems on the grid.

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