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Co.Mark is the first company that has created Temporary Export Management, an innovative model in the approach to marketing and international trade.

For twenty years we have been supporting Italian companies of all sizes and sectors, representing the most strong and effective solution for those who want to start selling abroad and for companies that want to grow and strengthen the commercial coverage of international markets.

Through a team of one hundred Temporary Export Specialists® operating all over Italy, Co.Mark provides companies to reach foreign markets, supporting them in the creation of the export plan, in the identification of ideal markets and channels, and in the research of business contacts.

Since July 2015, the same business model has been repeated in Barcelona, with the aim of supporting the export of SME Made in Spain, in a market very similar to the Italian one.

Since March 2016, Co.Mark becomes a subsidiary of Tinexta S.p.A. which, with a thousand employees and eight offices in Italy, operates all over Italy at the service of small and medium enterprises, through 3 business units: Digital Trust, Credit Information & Management and Innovation & Marketing Services.

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