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Comverto is a Company specialized in acquiring customers and creating Lead Generation strategies, through the use of online and offline technologies.
Our innovative method is based on the Lead Generation Specialist: a manager who, working in outsourcing alongside the entrepreneur, analyzes the current situation of marketing and communication activities, measures their effectiveness and implements a tailor-made strategy to get new clients.

Relying on the Lead Generation Specialist means to have a one-stop-shop to develop for your company a complete strategy of Lead Generation: the goal is to get more clients interested in buying your product / service in Italy and in foreign markets.
Comverto represents the most advantageous solution for those who want to increase the number of customers, improving the Return On Investment and commercial effectiveness.

We are the only one to offer:
• a temporary manager specialized in Web Marketing and Lead Generation
• a complete service, from strategy to sales
• an international approach
• a service based on real results
• on-the-job training

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