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Ivana Moscato

Environmental engineer with more than 18 years experience in both technical and commercial aspects also international ; expertise in innovative technologies for waste and wastewater treatment, as well as renewable energies with Circular Economy approach.
Qualified network manager, Multilanguage, with multidisciplinary skills, supplies consultancy, network management and temporary management.

Environmental Engineer
carries out feasibility studies, process design and plants supervision for:
– municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants (e.g. chemical, pharmaceutical, papermill, food industry, slaughterhouses, textile, leather industry), sludge treatment.
– aerobic and anaerobic technologies (activated sludge, MBR, SBR, MBBR, UASB, CSTR), physical/chemical, Fenton oxidation, membrane filtration, DAF flotation.
– Bioaugmentation technologies application for sludge production reduction.
– Biogas plants from by-products, municipal organic waste, slaughterhouse residues, zootechnical effluents and dedicated crops.
– Biomethane ventures development, technology selection, net connection procedures, biofuel qualification and merging markets.
– High performing technologies in waste-to-fuel transformation.

Some specific interventions
– Consultancy for performance improvement in industrial liquid waste treatment.
– Energy efficiency interventions on WWTPs.
– Process design of WWTPs, biogas and biomethane plants.
– Mentoring and training of plants operators.
– Biogas plants design with wet technology.
– Participation in research and surveys.

Qualified Network Manager
Management of company networks, Temporary management, internationalization projects, collaboration with other international networks. Collaboration with other specialized international networks.

Some specific interventions

Since 2014 is network manager for Net@Work, high specialized professional network, supplying integrated services for companies in the field of strategic, financial, operating aspects, including very technical ones. It deals with business design, company assets and know-how enhancement, governance and social responsibility, human resources valorization, environmental sustainability, organization and production management, as well as risk management.

It brings together multidisciplinarity and high specialization through an open network of professionals and service companies, that adhere to the network, each time selected to form a team on specific projects, and characterized by team-working attitude, ethics and practicality.

Some of the projects are:
– Business development with promotion of patented idea to big companies in automotive.
– Support in financial planning and resources finding, market development and know-how valorization for high technological start-up.
– Information system management and industry 4.0 processes counseling also in terms of fiscal aspects.
– Global communication management, starting form strategy discussion with the company.
– Internationalization projects on food and wine, automotive, renewable energy with local partners in India and South America.

Network manager 2014-15 for Spin-ON, company network in EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service).

Delegate ASSORETIPMI for Bergamo, non-profit organization, promoting PMI development, especially by through enterprise nets

Dott. Ing. Ivana Moscato
At Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park
GATE 4 – Centro delle Professioni
Str. Stezzano, 87 – 24126 BERGAMO (IT)

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