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Luca Bombassei Studio

Luca Bombassei, architect, designs with an eclectic style inspired by contemporary art. In the offices of Palazzo Berri Meregalli in Milan and in the Innovation District of Kilometro Rosso in Bergamo he develops his projects of design, architecture and interiors.

The architecture studio that works internationally; it was established with the will of setting different specializations in a common workplace.

The studio approach’s the projects in a global way, in order to convey and make functional the complexity of today’s living, the space of communication, the living environment and the working places.

The problems and requests of the client are questions to be answered through the project, in the design of the interiors of a house as in the complexity of a project of a technological science park. The project always develops as a long and complex creative process, in which the search of a mediation between design and function, utility and beauty, is an opportunity to seek a balance between the components involved.

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