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Marioway is a project that aims at social integration of disabled people by revolutionizing the wheelchair, technologically and culturally stuck in the 30s.

Marioway overcomes the limits of the traditional wheelchair, its seat is ergonomic and can move to a vertical position, it is controlled hands-free and has a design so unique and innovative as to be the first wheelchair in the world “desired” also by able-bodied people.

These characteristics will bring to the person with walking impairments an improvement of physical, mental and relational conditions, thanks to a newly gained accessibility, passive rehabilitation and restoration of relational symmetry.

The production process represents a fundamental step for our business innovation, in terms of advanced materials adopted, innovation in supply and distribution chains, collaborations with other socially-oriented startups and social cooperatives. As a result, Marioway promotes a new model of social entrepreneurship in the biomedical field, introducing a revolutionary device that will improve the quality of life of people with walking impairments.

Marioway has received several national and international awards, many of them after an extremely rigorous selective processes. Among those, the most important recognition, awarded personally by Graziano Delrio the Italian Transport Minister, as the best Italian project presented at the G7 transport meeting, with the presence of the transport Ministers of the member countries. It received the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission for the HORIZON2020. Marioway also obtained the award as the best European innovator in the disability and social innovation field by the European Investment Bank. Marioway is the first company in the world in its field to have obtained the Benefit Corporation certification, granted by an American non-profit organization that evaluates the impact that the company has on the environment, on the society and its stakeholders, only 5% of companies that carry out the certification procedure obtain it. Among the most important Italian prizes we mention the Unicredit Start Lab and the Tim Wcap Funky Grant award dedicated to the memory of Marco Zamperini.

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