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Mechatronics and Dynamic Devices

Mechatronics and Dynamic Devices is a company that develops high technology mechatronic systems, characterized by high level of automation, easy reconfigurability and adaptability to operational conditions.
The products proposed deal with the technological field of robotics and manipulation systems; market target mainly refers to the fields of assembling and manufacturing industry.
The proposed solutions are characterized by high energy efficiency and high performances/price ratio.

Main skills of the company are the capability to convert technological solutions into products and the strong predisposition to problem solving.
Thanks to the transversal competences of its working team, Mechatronics and Dynamic Devices tap into the most advanced technologies to offer fully innovative solutions/products in several industrial fields. The proposed solutions are strongly customized according to the customer’s needs and are focused on the application at the aim to maximize flexibility and performances.

Mechatronics and Dynamic Devices offers services from concept to turnkey product and they can be supplied as a whole or separately, according to the customer’s need.

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