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Created by a team of professionals with decades of experience in the consultancy sector for workplace safety, occupational health and lifting of personnel and material, Rosso Formazione plans, organises and manages a wide range of training, specialisation and refresher courses for companies, professionals, government agencies and private individuals.
Rosso Formazione offers training for various sectors, including courses ranging from compulsory training on workplace safety, environmental training, health training, and professional and business team training.
The aim of Rosso Formazione is to bring quality and skills to the training process so it becomes an opportunity for growth and innovation for companies that want to achieve excellence.
That’s why Rosso Formazione has developed and introduced an innovative “6 steps to learn” process, centred around six fundamental points in the training process.
This process takes the business’ goals and/or regulations set out by the employer as a reference point, guaranteeing results in line with early expectations.
Rosso Formazione is based in the Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park which is also home to world-renowned companies, and is considered one of the top ten areas of excellence

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