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Umanìa was born as a consulting company in industrial design and ergonomics.

The strong propensity towards technology, design, as well as ergonomics and simplicity of beautiful things, has solidly sacred the company philosophy, keeping
“The Human Being” at the center of every project, every process and every thought.

The skills gained over the years have also allowed to develop proprietary training methodologies that are able to drive naturally the customer in the transfer of competence.
Thanks to the skills acquired over time, UMANÌA offers to companies and professionals a new way of working and creating value through an innovative and optimized “process management” in generating and developing products and services.

Thanks to this process, alternative skills are created and internal forces are integrated, respecting each business models.
Technology, processes, researches, innovation and humanization, are the reasons that have led UMANÌA to choose to settle, with one of its offices, at the Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park in Bergamo, of which it is a Resident Partner.

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