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Twenty years experience in the wood industry; an ax-master named Virgilio (to whom the company is dedicated) who served as a guide to Dante in the Divine Comedy; an innate passion for research and the study of innovative solutions; a marked sensitivity for the respect of the environment; sleepless lab nights … this is the alchemical mix that has led to the birth of a new forge of innovation craftsmen … Virgilio Srl.

Working and expertly transforming the residues of woodworking to give new life to waste, molding it into new design objects.

A new innovative machine able to “transform” and reuse what the wood industry considers “waste”, through a process of sintering the soul within a real wood surface.

Glasses, watches, bow ties, bracelets, phone covers, cuff links, tie-clips are some of the eco-friendly objects that Virgilio produces today.

Soon we will add lamps, chairs, tables and medium-sized design objects to the catalog.

From the scraps a new life takes shape!

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