Over 30 years of experience, a deep-rooted passion for engineering and an incessant drive towards innovation.

The result:  groundbreaking solutions.


Air engineering as never before seen, interpreting client’s needs and responding with cutting-edge customised solutions. When it comes to fulfilling this promise, CANALAIR stands alone. International leader in the integrated treatment of process air, Canalair specialises in filtration, humidification, air conditioning, ventilation and heating in industrial contexts.

The keywords for our systems are: Technology, Design, Functionality and Optimization.

Every Canalair unit is highly customised, designed to meet your process needs, right down to the tiniest detail. Our solutions are designed to 100% address the specific needs of our clients, whilst minimising impact on production lines. To ensure our solutions absolutely meet your requirements, our proposals will always include a bespoke study of the project complete with designs and technical simulations.

Synonymous with technology, reliability and trust, Canalair solutions guarantee significant business advantages:



Every phase of every unit we produce is carried out in our factory in Ponte Nossa in Northern Italy. Rigorous quality standards and procedures adhered to by our highly specialised workforce and constant control mechanisms ensure that the products and solutions we deliver to our clients are world-class.

In addition, we provide comprehensive technical assistance, maintenance and spare parts support to ensure your unit continues to function efficiently and always delivers the outstanding performance you expect from a Canalair system. We also offer an Upgrade service that enables you to update existing units and improve their quality and safety. It doesn’t stop there. Canalair is at the forefront when it comes to developing new integrated services to improve energy efficiency.

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