Oblyk Studio

Oblyk is an architecture and research studio that shapes alternative futures for the built environment through the design of dynamic spaces and interactive experiences around the ever-changing needs of people.

The studio employs a transversal approach in architectural design and technological innovation to create responsive and adaptive environments, from the interior scale to urban contexts.

Oblyk’s work focuses on three main realms:

1/ Transformative architecture

Our built environment must be able to adapt to changing and unpredictable scenarios while fostering stimulating experiences and enhanced interactions. Through advanced research and continuous experimentation, Oblyk designs human-centered spaces and buildings that respond to contextual conditions—and yet are open to future transformations.

2/ Technological and experiential innovation

The sustainability model that inspires the studio is geared towards generating a positive impact both on the morphological qualities of the space we live in and how we use it, combining beauty and effectiveness, resilience and evolution, analog and sensorial. To that end, Oblyk pursues technological innovations that merge physical and digital spaces giving form to hybrid solutions that actively engage with the user.

3/ Spatial design

Each design task is addressed by studying the mutual relationship between people and their surrounding environment. From workspaces and retail to cultural and residential places, Oblyk simulates the manifold spatial organizations and their implications on human perception and behavior. Through creative empathy, it develops novel architectural and design interfaces that are mediated by technology.

At Kilometro Rosso, Oblyk shares ideas and knowledge with like-minded experts, researchers, and innovators within the campus as well as globally through a wide network of collaborations. These include a decade-long partnership with the Responsive Environments & Artifacts Lab at Harvard University Graduate School of Design and INVIVIA, a design and consultancy studio based in Boston (USA). 

Expertise and services

  • Architectural Design
  • Responsive Environments
  • Human/Building Interaction
  • Masterplanning & Smart Cities
  • Technology Integration
  • Interior & Bespoke Design
  • Envisioning, Strategy & Research
  • Installation Design & Exhibit


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