BGreen Technologies

Established in 2019, BGreen Technologies is an innovative Startup born from the idea of three founding partners, to bring their skills in the biotechnology field to the Italian entrepreneurial scenario, and to promote the ongoing economic transition towards the bio-economy. BGT is active both in Lombardy and Trentino, where it was incubated. In particular, it is based in Kilometro Rosso in Bergamo, and it also collaborates in research projects with the Edmund Mach Foundation (FEM). At present, a relevant branch of BTG’s activities is focusing on the industrial exploitation of the Euglena gracilis microalga, studied in its laboratories in collaboration with FEM, to produce and exploit bioactive compounds in the fields of nutraceuticals, medicine, animal feed, and bioplastics. BGT is also involved in scientific advice related to industrial biotechnology and green chemistry. Finally, it collaborates with the IRIS Consortium of Bologna as a technical partner in matters of sustainability and LCA studies.

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