Studio Legale D’Adamo

Established in 1977 by sole practitioner Gerardo D’Adamo, the D’Adamo law firm has developed into a partnership engaged in giving advice and representing individuals and business clients. Since 2014, the firm has had its headquarters inside the Innovation District Kilometro Rosso, on the outskirts of the Italian northern city of Bergamo (40 km from Milan)
Beyond traditional legal assistance for personal, family, and business matters and disputes, the D’Adamo law firm has developed a strategy-oriented approach to help clients in defining their goals and finding the best ways to achieve them in compliance with a given legal framework. The firm’s style of lawyering complies with the most rigorous ethical standards and combines tradition with innovation and efficiency with an in-depth analysis of the legal issues involved in any given case.

With over 40 years of experience in legal advice and assistance for individuals, companies, professional bodies, and public entities, the firm has developed significant expertise in several areas of practice. We have also developed a well-established network of professionals (accountants, notaries, engineers) and companies (especially those based in the Innovation District Kilometro Rosso) with whom we cooperate on a regular basis to offer all-around service to our clients.

The D’Adamo law firm main areas of practice are:

  • Legal advice and assistance to corporate entities, also in-house, on problem-solving initiatives, risk assessment, optimization of internal and external processes, corporate governance, development and implementation of business strategies and assistance during due diligence;
  • Negotiation and structuring of M&A deals as well as management and formalization of relationships between shareholders (drafting of articles of association, shareholders’ agreements, transfer of shares);
  • Negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts with clients, suppliers, financial and commercial partners, and network agreements;
  • Development of strategies for the internationalization of business and the pursuit of new markets;
  • Commercial, tort, and employment litigation;
  • Legal advice and assistance to public entities in the structuring and management of tender procedures for goods, works, and services
  • Legal advice and assistance to professional bodies in case of disputes with third parties or members, disciplinary proceedings, and protection of the members’ interests;
  • Property law;
  • Administrative law, zoning rules, and real estate;
  • Inheritance law and family disputes (separation, divorce, etc.).


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