Confindustria Bergamo

Confindustria Bergamo is a no-profit association of businesses, representing the industrial companies and the services sector of Bergamo area, for a total of approximately 1,200 companies and 80,000 people. The Association is based on three pillars: Identity, Representation and Services. Aim of Confindustria Bergamo is to support companies’ economic development, to represent their views and values ​​before the Institutions, to collaborate with other key players of the area and to provide a range of services to the Members.

Confindustria Bergamo operates in an industrial area focused on advanced manufacturing integrated with technological services and with a strong focus on internationalization.

The companies part of the Association range from SME to well-known international players and they are classified based on the following product categories:

    • Food
    • Paper mills, paper convertors, graphic designers and editorials
    • Chemical
    • Wood
    • Plastic materials
    • Mechatronics
    • Innovative and Technological Services
    • Construction industry and materials
    • Textiles and Fashion


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