Fra.mar is the cleaning business. This company in the world of cleaning has over 50 years, grown and evolved, guaranteeing to all its customers the best result possible.

Established in 1970 based on the idea and commitment of Francesco Maffeis, Fra.mar developed in the heart of industrial Lombardy, and throughout its history has been able to make its mark at a national and international level. It has achieved this leadership in the cleaning sector through dedication, attention, and respect for the customer, the workers, and the environment.

These solid foundations are the values of a company that, day after day, makes every effort to perform its work to the best of its ability, listening and interpreting every need and problem and answering individual requests in the best way possible. Work that places the customer at the center of attention and enables the company to provide advice thanks to continuous research and innovation as well as many decades of experience in the world of industrial and institutional cleaning. The formation of relationships of trust is a primary objective for interpreting each request in the best way possible, helping the company to provide a wide array of services that are able to integrate and implement those connected to cleaning and sanitization of commercial, work, and institutional environments. These services are performed by competent and continuously trained staff, whose work is supervised and checked to ensure high standards in any situation. For this reason, the company has opened a training center in the Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park, where it performs research activities and continuously perfects quality standards.

The constant commitment of Fra.mar to training and research has been instrumental in making the company a benchmark for the Italian cleaning industry. The company’s leadership is seen in areas that range from large scale retail channels to the hospital and health sector, and include industrial cleaning and institutional cleaning: diverse areas in which care, respect and commitment are the common denominators, which have allowed Fra.mar to stand out in a wide-ranging and competitive industrial context.

Fra.mar applies the same commitment and care to its support of various sporting, social and cultural organizations in the Bergamo area. This sensitivity to giving back to society means that the company is closely linked to the local area, where, in most cases, its human resources come from, thereby developing positive, constructive relationships.

For this reason Fra.mar is the cleaning business.

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