ALBINI_next is a Think Tank born with the aim of overcoming barriers and exploring new frontiers within the international textile scene. A forge of ideas, an innovation hub characterized by an ambitious and revolutionary vision, based on the evolution of the know-how inherited from the Albini Group and on industrial and academic partnerships, for the achievement of new challenging goals in creativity, materials, and applied technologies.

In the Kilometro Rosso, ALBINI_next is a veritable nerve center, the emblem of a cutting-edge way of thinking, a starting point for reaching the new frontiers of innovation. Not just thinking, but ideas that translated into action guide the driving change in the textile world, with the awareness that every winning idea is potentially applicable to other sectors and vice versa.

A unique Think Tank composed of a team of creative talents, computer scientists, engineers, and economists, coming from the best schools.  A group free from hierarchical structures, a new mindset for a way to work without barriers that promote technology and incentives the most talented and diverse international talents. Once the projects have been created together with the “innovators” -meaning mentors, real luminaries in the different fields- it will be the task of a Scientific Committee of experts to evaluate them and decide which of these deserve to go from concept to product ready for the market and maybe one day not too far away, worn by all of us.


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