SdM – Scuola di Alta Formazione (University of Bergamo)

Since 2005 SdM – Scuola di Alta Formazione deals with professional training, research, and consultancy in the field of management applied to various disciplinary fields.

Thanks to its close relationship with the University of Bergamo, SdM represents the ideal meeting point for the most qualified academic and professional resources in multiple areas.

The educational offer consisting of I and II level masters, advanced courses, and “ad hoc” courses and divided into four areas of study – business management, humanities studies, and social professions, legal services, health, and public administration – allow to acquire new skills and aim to create professional profiles in line with the demands of the current world of work.

SdM courses allow to develop knowledge and train skills of excellence, through an approach characterized by dynamism, independence, creativity, and attention to people.

SdM is also specialized in the creation of “ad hoc” courses, dedicated to companies or organizations that need to create courses for their collaborators.

Furthermore, in collaboration with other Research Centers of the University of Bergamo, SdM carries out targeted analyzes and studies for organizations and businesses.

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