Servizi Confindustria Bergamo

Servizi Confindustria Bergamo srl is strictly connected with labour market and its development. It offers a wide range of services tailored to the business needs of the companies:

Our competitive advantage is the multidisciplinary approach.

Training: Planning and organisation of training programmes; offering solutions to finance continuing training of employees and coaching activities through interprofessional Funds, European Community Projects, Regional and Provincial funds.

People: Monthly and annual services for HR management, payroll processing, income tax returns.

Human Resources: Recruiting, Active labour market policies, Potential analysis, Business environment analysis, Outplacement.

Competitiveness: Supporting the internationalization process; improving the corporate technology;

Outsourcing – electronic invoicing, storage in accordance with regulations, implementation of the organizational model, DGPR application, Recruitment of external RSPP.


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