Technological clusters

The Kilometro Rosso is a place where skills come into contact, dialogue and enrich each other. Discover the list of companies, research centres and laboratories that have chosen to settle on our campus, subdivided in the various technological sectors.
Advanced Innovation Services
A system of companies and professionals supporting innovation activities: from intellectual property protection to patenting, from marketing to logistics, from fundraising to project management.
Advanced Materials
Public and private bodies developing high-performing composite materials and biomaterials.
Energy and Sustainability
Enterprises and research bodies working on energy management, environmental impact, renewables, hydro-geologic risks and smart technologies.
Engineering, Prototypes and Design
Companies and professionals specialising in 3D prototyping, engineering, industrial design, ergonomics and the creation of user interfaces.
Higher Education
University and private institutes offer education programmes ranging from Masters degrees and practical training to upskilling courses for professionals.
ICT - Information and Communication Technology
Teams developing software, applications, professional and consumer portals and industrial solutions.
Life Sciences
Enterprises and research centres developing solutions in the fields of biomedicine, health and diagnostics.
Mechanics and Mechatronics
Companies and associations specialising in modelling, simulation and prototyping of control systems with applications in the fields of robotics, industrial automation, biomechanics, avionics and automatic mechanical systems.
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