ADFOOD gets its roots almost 40 years ago when Efrem Mazzoleni, actual former President of Mazzoleni S.p.A., has the intuition to start a new business, in animal nutrition field, with the target to improve farm’s performances.
A completely new concept, for those years that, supported by an organization fully dedicated to the research, supplier’s selection all over the world and to the development of new technological solution for the animal nutrition, conducted Mazzoleni S.p.A. to the actual market position.
Today the Company overpass 100 mln Euro turnover, owns a state-of-the-art production plant, has a storage capacity of over 12.000 tons of products, a reliable logistic staff that manage 400 tons of daily traffic and has over 300, between ingredients and additives, always available for prompt delivery.
ADFOOD has all this behind. With same motivation of yesterday, we pursue the same target to offer to our customer a global service: from the wide range of additives and functional ingredients to the dedicate sourcing, from technical consultancy to the integrated management of storage and logistic. Because we know so well the agrobusiness chain that we couldn’t skip to get this new challenge!

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