New Progress Group

New Progress offers complete management of care, cleaning, and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services for the customer who is looking for a reliable and professional partner in the world of facility management for public and private buildings.

The company is the model of excellence for those who want to rely on a single group for a multi-faceted solution with logistical support services and corporate organization, which also offers tailored professional advice.

New Progress deals with daily cleaning and sanitation, and sanitation specifically for hospitals, banks, schools, offices, hotels, museums, commercial and residential spaces, with selected personnel who are diligent and reliable.

This service, which represents the core business of the company, is flanked by curated maintenance of landscapes, buildings, and installations, customer care services with trained hostesses and receptionists, programs for the protection of persons and buildings, ecological services for the management and disposal of ordinary and special waste, which is a part of a construction and environmental reclamation division, in addition to disinfestation and draining services.

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