Sensor Network for Intelligent Predictive Enterprise – SNIPE

Sensor Network for Intelligent Predictive Enterprise – SNIPE

SNIPE project will create an AI enabled IoT system for machinery revamping in foundries to monitor performance and enable predictive maintenance with an effective control framework for cybersecurity compliance.


The project

Sensor Network for Intelligent Predictive Enterprise – SNIPE – is a 12-month use case demonstrator addressing the Foundry and Casting industry. Selected together with other 19 projects, SNIPE is granted by the project TRINITY which received funding by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme “Robotics – Digital Innovation Hubs” and aims to improve the efficiency and security of casting processes by reducing downtime.

Over the past few years, the casting sector has shifted its focus more and more on high value added thus pushing foundries towards a continuous evolution. SNIPE confronts this challenge by proposing solutions based on an AI-based decision-making support system able to monitor the performance of operations for better quality and productivity, and predict maintenance.

With regards to productivity, it is well established that downtime – the time when a work centre is not productive – needs to be reduced in order to improve processes productivity. Accordingly, SNIPE’s objective is to use highly innovative solutions in three critical operations: the melting process, the conveyor and belt transfer, and the production of green sand. These processes are, in fact, recognised as critical, as they have direct implications on other production processes.

The reduction of downtime will hence be achieved through the use of the following devices:

A smart monitoring infrastructure made by an industrial-grade wireless sensor network solution and an IoT Gateway with several connectivity options that are compliant with state-of-art cybersecurity requirements

AI-based decision support system which collects machine process data (temperature, engine vibration, etc.) from the sensor network and predicts maintenance on specific key processes

A wearable smart device to inform operators with a code colour or vibration on the status of the machine/process.

Snipe Project

SNIPE has in fact two main objectives of industrial relevance:

to create a smart monitoring infrastructure for revamping of non-digitalised Foundry processes

to predict and reduce machine downtime by collecting and analysing data.

In order to develop proper solutions, parameters will be first researched, monitored, and assessed. Such study will then allow to create an ad hoc sensor network. These state-of-the-art sensors will be connected through a specially developed IoT Gateway embedded with cybersecurity elements, edge computing capabilities, connection with existing programmable logic controller (PLC), and a cloud-based infrastructure able to support maintenance and operation activities. These solutions will finally be tested in scenarios deemed critical for the foundry industry in terms of energy and economic impact.

The consortium


This project has indirectly received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, via an Open Call issued and executed under project TRINITY (grant agreement No 825196).

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