Redroof is a functional modern area. It’s a smart space, fully equipped with reception services, secretarial support, event organization, and all the necessary equipment a company or professionals need for a smoothly run business. The spaces are flexible, therefore you are only required to occupy them as long as your business or project might need.
Accessing Redroof is an investment in visibility and image, a gamble on the potential to amplify the energy of a single idea through networking. The goal is to provide our guests, whether they are casual visitors, temporary guests, or long-term residents, with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the creative and innovative synergies that come to life in a stimulating environment like that of Kilometro Rosso.
We aspire for professionals to choose our welcoming space as the ideal place to turn their projects, into fully constructed realities, free from the possible distrurbances that may come with a traditional office. Choosing Redroof means embracing a dynamic environment where ideas come to life, and connections evolve into tangible opportunities.

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