Cefla Finishing

Cefla Finishing, the most trusted surface finishing partner, in everything you see, has 60 years’ experience, a global technical sales network, 300 active patents and a host of practical solutions to the everyday issues faced by finishing companies the world over.

With over 15,000 integrated finishing lines installed, customers can count on us for tailored solutions and expertise in key industrial sectors, from automotive to the building industry, aerospace, furniture, packaging and durable goods. Providing spray, curtain, vacuum and roller coating technologies, we also manufacture all sorts of drying solutions and excimer matting ovens, lamination and wrapping solutions, plus the latest industrial digital printing technologies for all substrates; from wood to fibre cement, glass, plastic, composite materials and metal.

Cefla Finishing is part of an international multibusiness company with 1900 employees globally whose mission is to create value over time, sustained by the principles of internationalisation, digitalisation and servitisation. Cefla also delivers benefits in the following areas: Civil and Industrial Plant Engineering, Medical Equipment and LED Lighting technology.

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