Fireing is a technical study specializing in Fire Prevention in Performance, founded by Roberto Villa, a civil engineer with over 20 years of experience in the field of safety and civil, industrial, and fire prevention.

The Mission

The idea of ​​Fireing is based on the strength of innovation, on the value of many years of experience in the field of Fire Prevention, on the highly specialized skills of the team, and on the belief that the know-how on fire safety must provide customized solutions, making converge the economic investment by the customer with the best technical solution provided by the company.

Firesafety Engineer

– Feasibility studies for systems of prevention and active and passive fire protection in industrial and civil plants;
– Basic, detailed and advanced design of smoke, gas, and fire detection systems, active and passive fire protection;
– Elaboration of project documentation and related drawings on fire safety;
– Elaboration of technical specifications for materials and equipment used;
– Assistance for the technical evaluation of offers;
– Assessment of the project and of the compliance with national and international regulations regarding fire protection systems;
– Assistance for practical evacuation tests in civil and industrial areas;
– Analysis and simulation with advanced calculation codes (eg CFD) for the verification of performance in the event of a fire under the Fire Engineering performance approach in accordance with the provisions of national regulations (Ministerial Decree of 3 August 2015) and the international reference (SFPE, NFPA, BS);
– Analysis and simulation activities with advanced calculation codes of the evacuation system’s performance in emergency conditions;
– Training activities for company fire fighting emergency teams;
– Organization of seminars and meetings on fire prevention and safety;
– Fire-fighting engineering and support activities for the preparation of technical documentation for fire prevention purposes (obtaining SCIA Fire-fighting for ACTIVITIES as per ANNEX I of Presidential Decree 151/11).

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