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MORESCREENS L.T.D., an English company located in the Centro delle Professioni of the Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park, represents, within one of the most innovative realities of the Italian scientific panorama, a multinational network that operates in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The group employs more than 30 employees and developers.

Within this multinational group, MoreScreens L.T.D. is the English company that has the specific task of developing and managing the market and projects within the European Unit for Cloud Services.

Core Business of MoreScreens is the technology linked to Multiscreen Video in all its variations: Oct, IP TV, WEB TV, SMART TV, CDN, DRM. The fulcrum of this technology is the platform SPECTAR +, the basis of the innovative system developed by MoreScreens that integrates, for the transmission on the WEB, all types of multimedia content (video-Radio-TV-publishing) with a strong optimization of costs and production processes, improving efficiency in the management of multimedia realities and also allowing the possible monetization of online media.

This extremely innovative solution, from the technological and content point of view, allows breaking downtime and costs “hidden” of integration and development in addition to compacting in a considerable way the time to market of new multimedia platforms and new services.

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