Grifal SpA is a technology company, operating in the industrial packaging sector since 1969, that designs and produces high-performance and environmentally sustainable protective packaging solutions. Thanks to its continuous investment in R&D, centered on the in-house development of patented products and production processes, Grifal has consistently added innovative, environmentally friendly products and technologies to its portfolio, such as cArtù® and cushionPaper™. These revolutionary corrugated cardboards are made with paper harvested from sustainably managed forests and can be used to substitute plastics and other chemical products used in packaging.

Grifal also designs and manufactures its own corrugating machinery. In addition, Grifal runs its own ISTA-certified laboratory in which packaging solutions are subjected to strength and climactic tests according to internationally recognized standards, as well as those established by Amazon. The e-commerce giant has included Grifal in its global APASS network of selected suppliers.

Grifal is strategically focused on establishing its cArtù® technology and the cushionPaper™ line of products as new standards for sustainable packaging through an international network of manufacturing sites in partnership with companies that produce packaging solutions.

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