Massimo Lentsch

Massimo Lentsch wanted to embark on another adventure on volcanic soils and to create a niche wine production with unique characteristics of charm and elegance.

From this foreword, the new project of research and protection of the ancient viticulture methods was born.

The idea of creating a new winery in Randazzo, at Contrada Calderara Sottana – Feudo Gabelle, takes place at the end of 2018.

The Etna landscape is so dominant on the whole territory that the winery will completely blend into it: a landscape work”.

With these few words architects, Michele Giannetti and Alessandro dal Piaz summarize the new project. The basic principles are respect for nature and ambient through the enhancement of natural sources of energy.

The new winery will get the natural cooling system with the use of water and soil and other natural elements that will characterize the “green crater” – a sort of Arab garden on the slopes of the volcano!

The wind tower will create a natural cooling system to guarantee the perfect temperature and humidity for wine aging.

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