Valtellina has been operating since 1937 in the field of installations and maintenance services for telecommunications network infrastructures. It was founded by the Valtellina family from Bergamo, who still maintains ownership. The company’s experience covers the entire evolutionary development of TLC in a highly collaborative role with network managers, constantly growing even in the most complex market phases. It has built a position of high professionalism and reliability thanks to the quality of work and seriousness in all collaborative dynamics.

The skills gained in TLC are the basis of an important evolution in the offer, which began with networking a few years ago and today is increasingly characterized by solutions for Digital Transformation and Enterprise Technology. There are multiple application sectors involved: Energy and Transportation, first and foremost. The company looks to the future by focusing on advanced technological services, confirming its usual distinctive values: organizational capabilities, territorial coverage, and quality of work. An evolutionary process supported and guided by Management, which highlights the strategic nature of corporate Compliance and Sustainability.

Valtellina is a Service & Solution Provider, capable of managing the entire end-to-end of the offered services and continues to develop skills in Enterprise Technology, it is committed to providing the best service, in order to always exceed the expectations of our Customers and it is equipped with a widespread structure capable of managing logistical complexities.


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