Funding strategy

Kilometro Rosso works together with companies and research centers to help them access public and private funding, such as European and National programmes dedicated to fostering research, innovation and learning on specific subjects or enabling technologies.

Areas of interest and enabling technologies

Digital and industry

Circular economy

Artificial Intelligence



Additive Manufacturing

  • Snipe

    Sensor Network for Intelligent Predictive Enterprise

    SNIPE will create an AI enabled IoT system for machinery revamping in foundries to monitor performance and enable predictive maintenance with an effective control framework for cybersecurity compliance.  

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  • Ircram 4.0

    International Research Center for Robot and Additive Manufacturing 4.0

    IRCRAM 4.0 aims to develop Additive Manufacturing and robotics productive techniques for the manufacturing of large-scale components made of advanced materials.

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Public instruments

Private instruments

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Resident Partners

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