SMILE – Smart Manufacturing Innovation Lab for Enterprises

“SMILE – Smart Manufacturing Innovation Lab for Enterprises” is a project born from the collaboration among Kilometro Rosso, Confindustria Bergamo, Servizi Confindustria Bergamo, ITIS Paleocapa Bergamo, and with the co-financing of MIUR: a synergy between entities engaged in training, innovation and in education on the one hand and the business world on the other, which, starting from the concrete case-study linked to the digital factory, has created an innovative advanced training model.

The aim is to rekindle the interest of young people in the technical-scientific disciplines and steer them into a successful professional future as well as to carry out continuous digital training for those who are already operating in companies. This is the mission of SMILE, a collaboration platform that aims to establish a constructive and coherent dialogue among schools, universities, ITS (it will be the Laboratory of ITS Lombardia Meccatronica), associations, companies, and research and technology transfer centers.

Supported by Confindustria Bergamo and Confindustria Bergamo Servizi, which will coordinate the space management, it will operate, with the collaboration of some technological partners, in different areas: PLC programming, Virtual Commissioning, HMI, Industrial Automation, Robotics, Vision Systems, Analysis of production flows, Big data, 3D printing.

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