Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research IRCCS

Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research IRCCS

The Mario Negri Institute’s laboratories have been situated in the Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park since July 2010. The building is named after Anna Maria Astori, whose generous bequest made the construction of the well-equipped building possible.

The research carried out at the Anna Maria Astori Centre is focused on renal diseases and diabetes, transplant immunology, molecular and regenerative medicine, bioengineering, and some aspects of oncology and rare diseases.

The center currently employs around 70 people and is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including electron and confocal microscopy, sterile rooms for cell culture, laboratories for cellular and molecular biology, and all the necessary equipment for pharmacological assays.

In addition to conducting research, the center organizes study and training courses for young graduates, such as Ph.D. programs.

The Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research is a private non-profit foundation that operates in the biomedical research field. It aims to contribute to safeguarding human health and life. Founded in 1963, the institute currently employs around 600 people in three locations: Milan, Bergamo, and Ranica (BG). The Institute does not patent any of its discoveries, has always maintained its independence – from industry, politics, public administrations, and academia – and has been driven by patients’ interests.

The institute’s areas of research include cardiovascular diseases, oncology, neurodegenerative diseases, renal diseases, rare diseases, environmental health science, and public health.

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