Gaser is a company specializing in metal surface treatments and coatings.

With 11 production plants located in the main strategic areas of Italy, it offers a wide range of technological solutions.

The main families of treatments managed by the group include anodic oxidation, chemical nickel plating, electrolytic galvanizing, heat treatments, spray polymer coatings, and thermal spray.

The company is characterized by an international scope: with a facility in India operational since 2021, it is preparing for further expansion into foreign territories.
A strength of the group, in addition to the wide variety of coatings, is its ability to adapt to different reference markets: different plants, although part of a single group, each cater to sectors like automotive, Oil & Gas, moving machines, etc.

Another distinctive feature is the strong emphasis on innovating existing processes and developing new treatments: a research and development department enables ongoing testing activities as well as active participation in international research grants. This division takes shape in a dedicated facility located at Kilometro Rosso, where prototyping, testing, and research activities become the heart of what is the Gaser plant in the BiG Technology Center, the new building realized by Kilometro Rosso.


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