IUS & LABOR Studio Legale Associato Tassinari & Sestini

“Studio Legale Associato Tassinari & Sestini” was established in Bergamo and combines the ten years’ professional experience of Angela Tassinari, lawyer, and Elena Sestini, a lawyer in the area of civil and labor law.

In addition to the owners, the Firm avails of the collaboration of a well-established staff of professionals consisting of lawyers and legal counsels.
The Firm’s “IUS & LABOR” division has been established in the Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park.

In particular, “IUS & LABOR” represents the implementation of the project that “Studio Legale Associato Tassinari & Sestini” has developed over the years in favor of businesses, with specific reference to labor law and commercial agency agreements, in addition to business agreements.

“IUS & LABOR” helps businesses to improve the management of their staff and sales network, from the creation to the termination of relationships, using the most appropriate contractual instruments, thereby preventing the occurrence of litigation; providing answers which meet business needs while respecting the laws and regulations with a view to ensuring business compliance; in particular, providing a single contact party for the various legal, taxation and social security aspects, with reference to agency agreements, and manages the preparation of the “Enasarco” (National Board for Assistance to Commercial Agents and Representatives) data on the company’s behalf; intervening in the case of contingent needs in court proceedings and in out-of-court settlements.

The Firm conducts its business in favor of large enterprises which operate in many different sectors, for example, bathroom fixtures and furnishings, textile, agriculture, metalworking, and mechanical engineering, service industries, also working alongside the legal function already present in the company, and in favor of medium or small-sized companies which frequently outsource this function to the Firm.

The assistance solutions are diversified in different channels, ranging from on-site assistance provided on the company’s premises to answering queries by exchanging e-mail messages based on a helpdesk approach.

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