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Servizi a valore aggiunto

Per permettere ai propri Partner di sfruttare al meglio tutte le sinergie, collaborazioni e relazioni di loro interesse, il Parco offre una vasta gamma di servizi ad alto valore aggiunto. I servizi vengono predisposti, organizzati ed offerti prevalentemente in outsourcing dalle aziende insediate.

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Hub of innovation

Our  Mission is to promote the development of a hub of knowledge, innovation and high technology by creating a rendezvous point for innovation-driven companies and for scientific and R&D centers focusing on advanced technologies.

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Network of relationships

Kilometro Rosso is a “node of an international network of relationships and connections”, that boosts the share of skills, knowledge, information and know-how not only among its Partners, but also between them and the outside world.

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localizzazione kmrossoThe Park is located just 3 kilometres from the centre of Bergamo, 40 km north of Milan and 140 km from the intersection with the Brenner motorway, which is the gateway to central Europe. Running parallel with the Park is the A4 motorway – northern Italy’s most important arterial road. Three international airports (Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio) link up this area with rest of the world. Moreover, a dynamic train network puts the Park in easy reach of the main cities in Italy and in the rest of Europe. Situated in the heart of Lombardy – one of the engines of the European economy – Kilometro Rosso benefits from an exceptionally strategic location, thanks not only to its proximity to the main national and continental communication routes but also – and, indeed, even more so – to the richness of the industrial, manufacturing and socio-economic fabric into which it is integrated.

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