For 50 years, SOFAR has specialized in superior quality pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements, and medical devices – all to help people live their best, individual lives.

In 1968, SOFAR saw the future of more sophisticated solutions to health challenges faced by millions. SOFAR began by distributing its own products and those of other companies. The company quickly distinguished itself by the ability to offer cutting-edge solutions in healthcare technology, and its responsiveness to physicians’ therapeutic choices as well as patients’ self-treatment needs and goals. It was only natural to expand into researching and developing its own line of pharmaceuticals and then dietary supplements and medical devices.

As its reputation for gold-standard research grew, SOFAR began to collaborate with prestigious universities. One such collaboration led to the company’s official launch in 2001 into the probiotics market with what would become a product leader in the field of gastroenterology, giving impetus to a supplement sector that was still largely unexplored.

Through the years, SOFAR’s core strengths — profound market knowledge and leadership, levering expertise, and maintaining a clear vision of the future – have been pillars of excellence. These characteristics have allowed SOFAR to be recognized as a qualified and consolidated presence in the sector. Therefore, in 2007, SOFAR began an intense process of internationalization, to fulfill the goal of globalizing its “Made in Italy” quality of production, eventually establishing itself in Europe, the East, and the USA.

Today, SOFAR is globally entrenched and its brand is among the top 10 in the field of self-medication. For half a century, the values of Competence, Flexibility, and Innovation have unwaveringly guided SOFAR’s activity, enabling it to plan, develop, produce and distribute effective products for human health and well-being.

In 2019 SOFAR established a partnership with Kilometro Rosso, in order to create a ground-breaking laboratory for microbiological analyses of the microbiota and probiotics.

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