CTP Team

CTP Team is a leading engineering and manufacturing company with 50 years of experience in the field of Gas Treatment, Filtration & their equipment, Dust Collectors, Chemical Treatments, Heat Exchangers, and Waste Heat Recovery (WHR).

In our headquarter in Italy, we develop all our products and projects with our teams of engineers, mechanical designers, R&D specialists, senior project managers, and installation experts/on-site supervisors. With the support of the most innovative and modern software application, we are dedicated to the improvement of our solutions throughout the continuous research of new technologies and equipment to provide our customers the highest performances and best available techniques.

CTP Team is an international company that consists today in 60% of CTN Turkey. The recent acquisition by CTN in September 2017, has opened a new era in CTP Team giving life to a new ambitious industrial group with the aim of enhancing Italian excellence in the field of engineering and industrial applications throughout the solid and ambitious leading of CTN Group and the support of its extraordinary manufacturing capacity and competence in the industrial field.

CTN Group is specialized in heavy steel fabrication, has considerable experience in the technological and mechanical manufacture and assembly on-site worldwide. With a wide Machinery Park of 11,500 m² and a specialized team of 140 people. Thanks to the CTN manufacturing workshop located in Adana –Turkey, CTP Team offers all the advantages of state-of-the-art manufacturing and the application of the highest standards of quality for TUV certified welding.

To make concrete and visible the development path of the group, CTP Team has developed a strategic industrial plan for the next years which has the key objectives of strengthening our core business solutions, develop integrated contents and services to enlarge our offer, and research new technological solutions and applications. Take the opportunity to become one of the best engineering and innovation centers in the industrial sector and promote the synergies network.

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