Living Space for Additive Technologies

Living Space for Additive Technologies

Lisa Tech is the Additive Manufacturing training laboratory of Kilometro Rosso. Created in collaboration with EOS, it is a space dedicated to companies and professionals interested in Additive Technologies and the production of aluminium and titanium 3D printed components. Lisa Tech offers educational and research activities: our experts will guide you through the steps of the EOS M290 – Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DLMS) printing, using also an optical tomography IR system that allows real-time control of process and components quality.

Why Additive Manufacturing

    Fast and flexible PROTOTYPING

    OPTIMIZATION of warehouse stocks

    Design FREEDOM

    REDUCTION of production COSTS
    and material waste


    REDUCTION of time to market

About Lisa Tech

You can experience Additive Manufacturing through customised training paths. Our courses are tailored on the needs of those companies looking for innovative solutions. Activities are grouped into modules that eventually allow users to:
  • Understand how to bring Additive Manufacturing into their companies.
  • Learn about design techniques.
  • Experiment 3D printing for professional applications.
  • Design: advisory services for the design and optimization of components made by Additive Manufacturing
  • Prototyping: Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) process for the creation of aluminum and titanium components
  • Quality control: tomography analysis during the printing process to evaluate the quality of the components
  • Post processing: surface and thermal treatments of printed components
Kilometro Rosso Campus hosts a test centre for experimentation and generation of new additive manufacturing solutions in metal thanks to the collaboration with several national and international research groups, and the use of an industrial machine for printing metals (EOS M290) with DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) technology with open and configurable parameters. Scopri di più >

What to expect from our courses

Take part in online classes with experts.

Access Lisa Tech lab
for workshops.

Be supported by a coach.

Print the components
you have designed.

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