Kilometro Rosso and Polytechnic University of Milan:
components in Additive Manufacturing for the new Dynamis PRC’s prototype

Kilometro Rosso signed the parts realized in Additive Manufacturing for the new car by Dynamis PRC’s, Polytechnic of Milan’s racing team: the first team’s autonomous-guide vehicle.

Cooling Jacket and Steering Wheel Support: these are the components realized thanks to DMLS/SLM technics by Lisa Tech, Living Space for Additive Technologies, our Additive Manufacturing’s laboratory. A 360 degrees’ collaboration with Polytechnic of Milan who employed our experts, not only in the realisation with 3D printing technic, but also in the re-design of the parts, in the data preparation phase and in the optimization process.

After knowing Additive Manufacturing activities promoted by Kilometro Rosso, Dynamis PRC contacted us to being supported in the realization of the parts for the electric autonomous guide single seater.

Lisa Tech has realized three types of components. On each part, some changes have applied thanks to Lisa Tech’s suggestions in order to increase feasibility and productive quality in AM and also mechanical, thermal and aerodynamic performances.

Components we have produced are:

  • Cooling Jacket: cooling jacket for electric motors, which are keyed inside and cooled by means of a coolant (water) flowing in the internal ducts and by turbulent motions of fluid (air) generated by the external wings.
  • Steering Wheel Support: suspension linkage that connects the hub to the wheel, topologically optimized in order to reduce the weight of the component and increase mechanical performance.
  • Gear Housing: topologically optimized steering box to reduce component weight and increase mechanical performance.

We are excited about this collaboration with Polytechnic University of Milan and we are proud of our job and the results achieved.

The single seater has been officially presented during Dynamis PRC’s Roll-Out 2022 helded on 30th June 2022, it will represent the Polytechnic also during the following competitions: FSATA, Varano (July, 13th -17th); FSEAST, Hungaroring (August, 8th -12th) and FSG, Hockenheimring (August 15th -21 th) .

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